The Step-By-Step Course That Teaches You How To Map Out Your To-Do List, Organize Your Cleaning Tasks And Plan Your Meals For The Day.

With The Homemakers Roadmap© mini course, there’s no need for wasting time and ending the day frustrated that you didn’t complete your tasks. Get the system and planner you need to plan your day in 15 minutes or less and say goodbye to unproductive days.

Here's What They're Saying About
The Homemakers Roadmap:

They found success and so can you. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or single professional. This is for you.

What If You Never Had To Go Through Your Day Feeling Out of Control Again?

You Wake Up With No Real Plan For Your Day and Constantly Feel Like You're Playing Catch Up On Life.

Between juggling work, business, family life and your home you just can’t seem to find a way to organize your time effectively.

There has to be a better way.

What If There Was A Way To Plan Your Day In Less Than 15 Minutes And Guarantee A Productive Day?

The Homemakers Roadmap© is a six-lesson mini course that will teach you exactly how to plan your day and finally kiss procrastination goodbye.

You’ll never have to worry about waking up and not having a clear plan for your day. You’ll learn the step-by-step process to plan your day so you spend less time being weighed down by your to-do list and more time feeling in control of your time and home.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside:

managing your home

Feel like you’re always getting behind on your cleaning tasks? We’ll make time for that too, so that you’re not having to do all of your cleaning at one time.

using your planner

Now that you have your planner in place, you’re ready to win your day! Dominique will take you through a day in her life video and show you how to use your planner throughout the day.

simple productivity hacks

Often find yourself scrolling aimlessly on social media or binging on tv? Learn some simple, yet powerful techniques to keep you on track throughout your day.

how to set up your planner

Whether you want to use your planner physically or digitally, you’ll learn exactly how to get your planner set up in your home or devices.

how to plan your day

Gone are the days where you’ll wake up with no clear vision for your day. You’ll learn how to plan your tasks and other important elements of your day in advance.

managing your to-do lists

Have a to-do list that’s a mile long? You’ll learn how to identify your top to-do lists items and how to set time to get them done throughout your day.


Meet your Homemaking Educator, Dominique Bradberry

Thrown into marriage and being a new mom within one year caused Dominique to quickly realize that she needed some type of plan to help her navigate her day.

Maintaining her relationship with God, occupational therapy appointments for her son and staying out of the Wendy’s drive thru became some of her biggest challenges that she knew needed to be resolved.

Dominique put her self-taught graphic design skills to use and created a printable planner that highlighted key areas of her day that she wanted to plan in advance so she can finally gain control of her life and day.

Dominique quickly saw the results of planning her day in advance and began sharing her system with her closest friends. Pretty soon women ranging from college students to stay-at-home moms were asking her for this system and roadmap.

Now 8 years later, the Homemakers Roadmap© has helped hundreds of woman finally gain control of their day and tackle their to-do lists and the same can happen for you. Let’s make this possibility a reality.

Imagine If You Didn't Have To Spend Most of Your Day Jumping From Task To Task.

What would this do for your energy? What would this do in your relationships? What would this do for your emotional health?

Gaining Control of Your Time Can Happen For You Quickly With This Step-By-Step Plan.

The Homemakers Roadmap© will teach you the system you need to help you stop wasting time and no longer end the day frustrated that you didn’t complete your tasks.

Get the system and planner you need to plan your day in 15 minutes or less and say goodbye to unproductive days.

It Only Takes 3 Simple Steps

To wake up with a clear plan for your day, not feel overwhelmed with the thought of everything you need to get done and end the day feeling accomplished and stress free.



Too often we try to complete too much in one day thus leaving us exhausted and overwhelmed. You’ll learn how to identify your top priorities in your day and create margin in your life.



You’ll learn how to identify when it’s a good time to complete your to-do items so you’re not having to bounce from task to task throughout your day.



When you’ve completed everything on your planner you’ll be surprised by how much time you have left in your day to do other things that bring you joy.

Here's What You'll Receive When You Enroll:



Six Video Lessons with Real-Life Examples

Each lesson is filled with clear and easy to follow information and visuals. You’ll learn everything from how to plan your day to how to overcome roadblocks in your day. Each lesson is self paced and you’ll be able to pause and play as you desire.

Free Download of the Routines That Reward© Daily Schedule Planner

You’ll receive a free download of the Routines That Reward© Daily Schedule Planner to print and laminate at home. You’ll also receive video instruction on how to set yours up and Dominique’s recommended supplies to use with your planner.




Digital Version of the Routines That Reward© Daily Schedule Planner

Don’t have a printer with ink to print your planner? Not a problem. You’ll receive a video tutorial on how to use your planner digitally on your tablet or handheld device.


3 Productivity Hacks To Keep You On Track Throughout Your Day

This special training was created to help you overcome those moments where you “just don’t feel like”. When you just don’t feel like completing your to-do list or planning your day. You’ll leave this training with tools that you can pull out when you need them most.



Here Are Some Answers To Your Questions:

The Homemakers Roadmap is a six-lesson online mini course that teaches you how to plan your day in advance. In the course you also get access to The Routines That Reward© Daily Schedule Planner that you’ll use on a daily basis to plan your day and serve as your roadmap.

The Homemakers Roadmap is for anyone who is looking to bring more structure to their day.

Throughout the course you’ll hear examples of how you can use your planner whether you are a young professional, working mom or stay-at-home mom.

As soon as you complete your purchase you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to log in to your Dashboard and start watching the videos immediately.

Inside the course, Dominique will provide you with several options to either get your planner printed or use it digitally on your phone or tablet.

Due to the digital nature of our products where our intellectual property is delivered immediately upon purchase, we do not offer refunds for any reason.

If you have any issues or questions, feel free to reach out to Customer Support at

So Who Is This For?

young professional women

You work long days and often find yourself too exhausted to do anything else when you get home. The Routines That Reward© Daily Schedule Planner will give you bite sized tasks to do so you’re not spending your weekends catching up on life.

working moms

You care deeply about your family and your career, but you find yourself frustrated that you “can’t do it all”. This roadmap will help you have a clear vision for your family and make sure their needs are being met as well as yours.

stay-at-home moms

You often find yourself overwhelmed with trying to manage your home and your children. This roadmap will give you a clear vision for your day, time to actually enjoy your children and renewed zeal and energy.

Here's How This Will Work:


Enroll into The Homemakers Roadmap© mini course by clicking here.

Check your inbox for your login information and begin going through the course today.



Complete the video trainings within the course and be prepared to start using your planner as soon as tomorrow.

Start using your planner and implementing the tools and techniques you learned in the course and begin seeing results.


Go From Overwhelmed To In Control In Less Than 2 Days.

You can finally start crossing things off of your to-do list and have a renewed passion for the management of your home and life.

Now Is Your Time To Take Action. Don't Ignore This Invitation And Find Yourself With The Same Frustrations Months From Now.

With The Homemakers Roadmap© mini course, there’s no need for wasting time and ending the day frustrated that you didn’t complete your tasks. Get the system and planner you need to plan your day in 15 minutes or less and say goodbye to incomplete to-do lists.


You Don't Want To Make This Mistake.

Don’t leave without enrolling in The Homemakers Roadmap.

This is your opportunity to completely change the way you’ve been managing your day and time.

Take advantage of the moment and be the homemaker you’ve always desired to be.